Dmitri Hvorostovsky
Television appearances

These three programmes, presented in Russian with English subtitles, enable viewers to gain insights into Dmitri Hvorostovsky's personality, beliefs and career decisions. If you only have time to watch one of these programmes, choose Me and Music; it is a poignant documentary.

In Your House
(Aired on Kultura, 7 May, 2011)

Non-Boring Classics
(Aired on Kultura, 15 April 2012)

Me and Music
(Aired on Kultura to mark DH's 50th birthday: 16 October, 2012)

The following links will enable you to watch interviews which were originally aired in the USA.

Aria and Pasta: Dmitri Hvorostovsky
Opera & cooking programme hosted by Beverly Bergen. Aired in 2000.
(Part I)
DH makes dumplings and talks about growing up in Siberia.
(Part II)
DH reveals how he nearly fainted while performing in the final of Cardiff Singer of the World 1989.
(Part III)
DH discusses Eugene Onegin and the Soviet education system.

War and Peace (Prokofiev)
(DH & Valery Gergiev converse with Charlie Rose for 12 minutes.)

Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky)
(Analysis and rehearsal footage: Fleming, DH & Gergiev. Filmed in 2007.)